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Sexy Silver Shampoo (Blue) 300ml

DNA offers you the ultimate Australian organic shampoo.

A super rich and creamy organic shampoo with a gentle cleansing lather. In addition, it is blended to include Australian certified organic ingredients.

DNA Organics Sexy Silver Shampoo is a blue colour depositing shampoo making it perfect for toning copper and brassy tones.

This shampoo helps to provide an extra strong anti-yellow/brass defense for any scalp.
As a result, it helps to replenish lost moisture and strengthen the hair. Above all, your hair feels clean, hydrated, strong and luxurious.

Finally, indulge yourself in a uniquely crafted essential oil blend, which provides your senses with an aroma journey of fresh fruitiness and earthbound spice.

To sum it up, say hello to luxurious healthy hair with DNA Organics, the best organic shampoo.

Smoothness Factor: 30
Volume Factor: 50


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