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BeautyPRO Wax Genie Heater 450cc

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New Generation, Faster Wax Heater.

The new BeautyPRO Express 1000cc Wax Heater is here. With an instant Techmax Heater, super fast heat up ensures you’ll be waxing sooner than ever before. Suitable for can and bulk waxes. The BeautyPRO Express has a 1000cc heat chamber with wax placed into the insert provided. Alternatively, wax in plastic jars or metal cans be inserted directly into the heating well. The BeautyPRO Express has a range of operating temperatures available, designed to suit all types of wax – strip and hard wax, and also features an interchangeable collar and base.


  • Ultra fast heat up
  • 1 x easy clean insert included
  • Interchangeable collar and base
  • Multiple heat settings and indicator light
  • SAA approved


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