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Blondie Strong Anti-yellow Shampoo 450ml

A violet shampoo, loaded with intense colour pigments. The gentle deep cleansers and life giving moisturisers brighten blondes, whites, silvers, yellows and brassy coppers.

Achieve perfect anti yellow/brass results and fresh clean, healthy hair. Finished with the most luxurious SERR55, “Aroma of the Gods”. Smell Good, Look Good, Feel Angelic. 

Key Ingredients:

Evening Primrose: Used to help prevent hair loss and can help make hair stronger.
Avocado Oil: Formulated to help nourish and add shine to the hair.
Soybean Oil: Known to moisturise damaged and dry hair.


  • For any type of hair requiring anti-yellow/brass
  • Vegan
  • 450mL bottle


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