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Carbon Detangling Comb Black 189mm

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The Denman DC11 Carbon Detangling Comb has widely spaced teeth ideal for detangling, styling and distributing product throughout the hair.

The Denman DC11 Carbon Detangling Comb offers stylists who prefer a stiffer comb a carbon fibre solution to styling.

This rake comb has widely spaced teeth that are perfect for detangling, especially wet hair. Made with a carbon fibre additive that allows it to conduct static electricity, making it completely anti-static.

DC11 is ideal for distributing styling products, shampoo and conditioner evenly throughout the hair. Its teeth are smooth and round-ended, making them gentle on the scalp.

This frizz-fighting hair comb is heat resistant and durable for professional use. Achieve enhanced performance with the strong, high quality Denman DC11 Carbon Detangling Comb.


  • Rake comb with widely spaced teeth ideal for detangling, especially wet hair
  • Perfect for distributing styling products evenly throughout the hair
  • Smooth, round-ended teeth are gentle on the scalp
  • Made with stiff carbon fibre that's heat resistant and durable
  • Anti-static for enhanced performance


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