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Fade Brush White

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The Jack Dean Fade Black Brush is an essential for any barber or stylist, removing loose hairs to ensure a precise finish.

The Denman Jack Dean Fade Brush is an essential tool for any barber or stylist, helping achieve precision and accuracy across a range of cutting techniques. Its extra-soft bristles gently brush away loose cut hairs to check for imperfections.

This brush is also perfect for styling tender scalps or fine hair. Its classic tear-drop handle offers added comfort and control. Finish any cut or style flawlessly with the Denman Jack Dean Fade Brush in White.


  • Extra-soft bristles for gently removing loose hairs after cutting
  • Allows any barber or stylist to check for imperfections
  • Can be used to style fine hair or on tender scalps
  • Tear-drop handle offers a comfortable grip and added control


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