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Parlux 3200 Ceramic & Ionic - Fuchsia

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The Parlux 3200 ceramic ionic means the combined effect of ceramic and negative ions radiate heat inside the hair without drying it out. Drops of water are transformed into micro molecules, leaving hair soft and shiny thanks to the Parlux 3200’s incredible ionic technology.

The 3200 Compact Hair Dryer is the most widely used professional hairdryer on the market today. Parlux Hair Dryer includes AC motor produces an airflow of 69 m3/h, without doubt, excellent K-Lamination motor, lighter and more durable. Perfect for everyday home, salons, use as well.

It comes with 2 professional concentrator nozzles, one slim and another one is wide. It is lighter, more durable and very powerful. It has 4 heat variation system and 2-speed setting. Including a cold shot button for instant dry your hair. Has a 3-meter long power cable.


  • An innovative, advanced and futuristic hairdryer
  • 1900 watts of power of controlled power
  • 6 speed/heat settings
  • Cold shot button for setting
  • Lower weight, smaller dimensions
  • 2 x concentrator nozzles for precision styling
  • It guarantees healthy, static-free hair
  • Built-in silencer greatly reduces the noise
  • Includes 2 Years Manufacturer’s Warranty


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