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Bed Head - Beauty Pillowcases (Pair) - Midnight

Waking up to silky smooth hair and crease free skin has never been easier…

Created with a luxurious vegan silk for its anti-aging properties, Bed Head is designed to reduce wrinkles and fine lines while you sleep. Unlike other fabrics that drag and pull the skin, the glossy finish of the Beauty Pillowcase is so gentle on the skin it can prevent pillow marks and morning puffiness... you won’t even have to worry about ruining your lashes!

The Bed Head Beauty Pillowcase has anti-bacterial, cooling and hydrating properties to reduce acne breakouts and keep your complexion smooth and glowing all day long.

With anti-static benefits you can say ‘goodbye’ to knots and frizz, and ‘hello’ to silky, salon worthy hair! Naturally non-absorbent, it won’t strip your hair and skin of the nourishing oils doing wonders while you sleep.

Pair with our L’Amour de Soi Aromatherapy Collection to get the pamper session of your dreams!


  • 2 x Bed Head Beauty Pillowcases in Midnight
  • Fits standard size pillow (50cm x 66cm)


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