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Illumin8 Dry Oil Express Self Tan Mousse - 150ml

Ensure you’re photo-ready all year round with our opulent Illumin8 Dry Oil Express Self Tan Mousse. Formulated with a natural blend of 8 botanical oils, your skin will take on new life thanks to the ultra-hydrating properties of this skin pampering solution. Not to mention, you’ll literally radiate health and vitality with a sun-kissed look that everyone will be talking about.

Our fast-drying formula will transform you from drab to fab in an instant. Just like all the VANI-T self tanning range, you can tailor your look to suit your mood.

Wash off after an hour to achieve a subtle radiance, leave for 2 to 3 hours for a deeper tan, or wait 4+ hours to go Bahamas level.

Enjoy a flawless finish, a golden glow, and supple skin with this one amazing product. You could call it the ultimate triple threat - we won’t argue.


  • DHA: 15% (the active ingredient that works it’s magic to make you glow)
  • Colour: Chocolate base to suit all skin tones.
  • Smell: Our gorgeous aromatherapy blend means no tell-tale faux tan odour
  • How often: Enjoy a sun-kissed glow for up to 10 days (with a little TLC)
  • How dark will I go? Leave on for 1hr (light), 2-4hrs (medium), 4-6hrs (dark), 8hrs (ultra dark).


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