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Paul Mitchell

The Demi, Flash Toner Brass Free Blue

Demi-Permanent Hair Colour

What it Does:

  • The Demi conditions hair while it colours, providing incredibly rich opaque results with exceptional shine.
  • Brings dull, weary ends back to life or corrects unwanted tonality.
  • Provides discreet coverage to conceal grey hair.
  • Customises a palette, from natural shades to unique and trendsetting, to create the perfect tone.
  • Adds pure shine for colour-shy clients using Clear alone.

How it Works:

  • Deposit-only, ammonia-free colour is exceedingly gentle and offers outstanding condition.
  • Intermixable shades, including Clear, offer unlimited customisation and more varied shade options with depth and/or translucency.

Added Bonus:

  • Liquid colour mixes to a perfect gel consistency that’s ideal for both bottle and brush application.


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