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Tricologie Deep Penetrating 10pk

Let every strand of your hair enjoy total attention, while the hot oil infuses the deepest moisture, strength and lustre to both scalp and hair. Restore your scalp and hair to its natural healthy glow.

A blend of full concentration of certified organic oils together with premium cosmetic grade emollients. Revitalize and hydrate the scalp. Intensely recharge and nourish the hair giving extreme smoothness whilst providing frizz protection.

Restore strength, volume and density to the hair for optimum vitality with anti-oxidative action to protect hair colour. Deposits of ultra-shine molecules for immediate hair colour radiance.


  • Hair type: For all hair types.
  • Duration: From 5 to 12 mins.
  • Function: Primary action, instant strength and volume. Secondary action, shine and radiance. Tertiary action, protect hair colour.

Note: In some cases this product may not be recommended for use on the same day as any other chemical treatments including any colour services. Seek professional hair advice.


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