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Vent Skeleton Brush Pewter D200

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The Denman D200 Vent Skeleton Brush increases blow-drying efficiency and flexibility for creating root lifts and natural shapes. It creates a fast and gentle blow-drying experience for all hair types.

This efficient blow-drying facilitator is perfect for creating a root lift and natural shapes, with a curved pin pattern and brush head to achieve naturally loose styles.

The D200 features ball-ended tips on nylon pins that glide through hair seamlessly; creating a gentle, detangling effect. Strategically placed vents along the brush head allow warm air to circulate directly at root level, leading to speedier blow-drying.

Achieve and effortlessly natural finish in record time with the Denman D200 Vent Skeleton Brush in Pewter.


  • Flexible styling during blow-drying Perfect for root lifts and creating natural shapes
  • Curved pin pattern and brush head for creating naturally loose styles
  • Ball-ended tips on flexible pins aid in gentle detangling
  • Strategically placed vents to allow warm air to circulate at root level


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