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VOLO Hero Hair Towel

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Introducing the softest towel your hair has ever met. The Hero’s Nanoweave™ material is plush—aka extremely gentle and absorbent—which is just how we like our towels.

The Hero decreases dry time by 50%, and our snug strap ensures your towel stays 

The VOLO Hero hair towel gently absorbs excess water from your hair to help it dry more quickly, and with less damage to the strands. The magic happens without you having to lift a finger.

Nanoweave™: Nanoweave is our baby-blanket-soft, cloud-light, crazy-strong dream fabric. It absorbs 10x its own weight in water, cuts your dry time in half, and is so light you’ll truly forget it’s on your head.  

Snug Strap: We were sick of towels unraveling and falling off of our heads every time we moved, so we dreamed up the snug strap to solve the problem. With the snug strap, that puppy’s not going anywhere.

The VOLO Hero is 100 x 60 cm.




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