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The LYCON brand was established in Australia in 1978 by Lydia Jordane, an internationally acclaimed beauty therapist. Cosmetics manufacturing has been a family concern since 1935, which Lydia was exposed to and involved in since taking her first footsteps, while getting under her father’s feet in his laboratory. After much research and secretly ordering ingredients under the guise of her father’s cosmetic chemist business, Lydia created her first wax in secret on the family kitchen stove in 1968, when she was just a teenager!

It wasn’t long before LYCON became a well-known and sought after brand in Australia, with a well-deserved reputation as the Crème de la Crème of hair removal waxes around the world. LYCON is the trusted wax of choice in the top spas and salons in over 70 countries.

LYCON Pinkini Skin Cleanser 500ml $15.95 AUD
LYCON Pinkini Pre-Waxing Oil 500ml $15.95 AUD
LYCON LYCOJET EyeBrow Hot Wax 500g $16.95 AUD
LYCON Active Gold Hot Wax 1kg $27.95 AUD
LYCON LYCON Cotton Pads 80 Pack $3.74 AUD
LYCON X-It Mitt $12.95 AUD
LYCON Waxing Mat $24.95 AUD
LYCON Wax Solvent 500ml $13.95 AUD
LYCON Tea-Tree Total Wash 250ml $12.95 AUD
LYCON Tea-Tree Total Wash 1L $28.95 AUD
LYCON Tea-Tree Soothe 500ml $15.95 AUD
LYCON Tea-Tree Soothe 250ml $12.95 AUD
LYCON Tea-Tree Perfect 500ml $15.95 AUD
LYCON Sun Faker 250ml $15.95 AUD
LYCON LYCON Speedy Wax Hammer $11.95 AUD
LYCON Specialist Apron $19.95 AUD
LYCON Spatula Metal $8.30 AUD
LYCON Soothing Cream 500ml $15.95 AUD
LYCON Rosette Hot Wax 1kg $29.95 AUD
LYCON Pre-Waxing Oil 500ml $15.95 AUD
LYCON Pomegranate Sugar Scrub 520g $14.95 AUD
LYCON Pinkini Brazilian Care Kit $92.00 AUD
LYCON Perfect Finish 500ml $15.95 AUD
LYCON Olive Oil Strip Wax 800ml $24.95 AUD