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NAK HAIR NAK 20 Vol Activator 6% $8.20 AUD
NAK HAIR NAK 10 Vol Activator 3% $8.20 AUD
FRAMAR Triple Threat Brush Set $11.36 AUD
FRAMAR Family Pack Brush Set $11.51 AUD
FRAMAR Big Daddy Brush Set $10.71 AUD
FOXY BLONDES Snow leopard Flat box - 500 sheets $23.90 AUD
Paul Mitchell White Lightening Blue Powder 500g $27.67 AUD
Paul Mitchell 8NB-Light Neutral Blonde - PM The Color $16.26 AUD
AROMAGANIC QPLEXX Conditioner 450ml $17.35 AUD
AROMAGANIC QPLEXX Shampoo 450ml $17.35 AUD
AROMAGANIC P'mint Scalp Renewal Shampoo 450ml $17.35 AUD
AROMAGANIC PUMP'D Conditioner 450ml $17.35 AUD
AROMAGANIC PUMP'D Hair Shampoo 450ml $17.35 AUD
AROMAGANIC Smooth Conditioner 450ml $17.35 AUD
AROMAGANIC Smooth Shampoo 450ml $17.35 AUD
AROMAGANIC Curly Curl Conditioner 450ml $17.35 AUD
AROMAGANIC Curly Curl Shampoo 450ml $17.35 AUD
DNA DNA Apron $19.19 AUD
DNA DNA Cape $19.19 AUD
DNA DNA Squeezer $11.99 AUD
DNA DNA Tint Brush $3.84 AUD
DNA DNA Mixing Bowl $3.84 AUD
DNA DNA Whisk $3.84 AUD
DNA QPLEXX Bleach 500g $59.40 AUD