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Blondor Multi Blonde Powder 400g

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Nowadays, you can colour your hair in different colours to look more stylish. This Multi Blonde Lightening Powder from Wella is made by keeping contemporary hair care requirements in mind.

The product is relatively easy to apply, thanks to its fast formula. The consistency of the product is creamy that provides ideal hair lightening. It has seven different levels of lift with the best results.

If your current hair colour is not up to the mark because it is too dark, then this product will be of the best help because it will lighten the colour to give you the best shade.


  • Easy lightening with seven levels of lift
  • Super easy to use and ideal long-lasting results
To Use:
  • Mix in a metallic bowl according to the instructions with Welloxon Perfect
  • For Colour Touch Emulsion, mix according to the ratio for the percentage of the Welloxon product
  • Apply into sections of unwashed hair


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