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Bramley Apple Jelly Preserve Strengthening Treatment

Give dry, brittle nails a much-needed break from polish, gel and acrylics and give your manicure the skin-loving, skincare benefits of this bestselling Jelly Preserve Sheer Strengthening Nail Treatment. The revolutionary 2-in 1 translucent nail colour and 10-Free nail treatment formula gives the effect of a delicious sheer jelly look while working hard to rejuvenate the look of nails and helping to repair damage from harsh nail formulas and practices. 

Enriched with skin-pampering ingredients and a unique technology-based encapsulated nail care complex of hydrolyzed vegetable proteins, Tea Tree Oil, Calcium, Arginine and Vitamin E that help keep nails strong and healthy looking, this 10-Free, multitasking butter LONDON nail preserver acts like a second-skin, delivering continuous, all-day nourishment to dry, brittle nails. Put your manicure and pedicure on the right-track for a healthier look. Designed to deliver rapid skincare-for-nail results, the nourishing hybrid formula helps to strengthen the nail and provides a consumer perceivable improvement in appearance and brittleness after only 10 days!

Key Ingredient: Vitamin E (provides antioxidant protection), Tea Tree Oil (revives dry brittle nails and locks in moisture), Hydrolyzed Keratin (helps strengthen nails), Arginine (helps prevent nail breakage), Diamond Powder (brightens), Bamboo Extract (helps promote stronger nails and prevent breakage and peeling for healthier-looking nails) 

Highlighted Ingredient: Olive Oil (helps strengthen nails)

Benefit: Nourish, strengthen and rejuvenate the look of dry, brittle nails, lock-in moisture to prevent nail peeling & strengthen weak damaged nails while adding a playful pop of posh translucent colour

Colour: Bramley Apple (sheer teal)

We Care:

  • Gluten-Free, Vegan & Always Cruelty Free
  • 10-FREE: butter LONDON does not add formaldehyde, formaldehyde resin, DBP, toluene, camphor, ethyl tosylamide, xylene, parabens, gluten or TPHP to any of its nail product formulas. 

Coverage & Finish: Sheer coverage with a sheer teal translucent finish

Based on real results:

96% of participants agreed Nails appeared to look more rejuvenated.*

89% of participants agreed Nails appeared to be stronger.*

93% of participants agreed Nails appeared more moisturized.*

93% of participants agreed Nails appeared brighter looking.*

86% of participants agreed Nails appeared to have less breakage.*

96% of participants agreed Nails appeared to look smoother.*

89% of participants agreed Nails appeared to have enhanced growth due to less breakage.*

96% of participants said they saw an improvement in the look of his or her nails.*

96% of participants said their nails look and feel healthier after use.*

93% of participants said their nails felt protected.*

96% of participants would recommend this product to a friend.*

*Results based on a 10-day perception study with 30 participants. Individual results may vary.


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