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Brasil Cacau SMOOTHING Protein 110ml Kit

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Restructures the hair, making it straight and frizz-free for up to 3 months. Dermatologically tested.


1 Deep cleanse hair with Brasil Cacau Anti-Residue shampoo.

Repeat this step making sure hair is thoroughly clean. Rinse.

2 Working in sections blow dry hair until approximately 90% dry

with your fingers in a downward motion.

3 Section the hair into four parts for application. Taking very

fine secondary sections apply the product sparingly and work

product through to the very ends. The formulation will slip

through the hair effortlessly. Comb through from roots to ends.

Complete the entire head using this procedure.

4 Allow the product to process for up to 45 minutes for fine to

medium hair / 60 minutes for course and resistant hair.

5 Lightly rinse hair only removing excess product.

6 Working in sections blow dry hair in a downward motion until

100% dry using a paddle or round brush making sure hair is

detangled and smooth.

7 Section the hair into four parts. Taking fine secondary

sections iron these sections from roots to ends. We have

provided a table to assist with heat settings and number

of passes required.

8 Lightly rinse hair and apply Brasil Cacau Deep Conditioning

Mask, allow mask to process for 5 minutes. Rinse.

9 Apply Brasil Cacau Primer on towel dried hair before blow

drying, style as desired.


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