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Bronsun Bible

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Introducing - BRONSUN BIBLE - your educational guide to Bronsun magic!

This book is not only about Bronsun: it covers the theory of all the processes that happen with our hairs during tinting, it will help you learn and understand how to read the ingredients on your tints, how to choose the right product for your client, it will explain the colour theory in simple words and in a way that you will never have any problems understanding how the tint shades work!

It has 200 pages of most valuable information and everything you need to know about our absolute Bestseller Dye!

This books covers all the Bronsun secrets and we cannot wait to share:

  1. A little note about Innovator Cosmetics and where Bronsun is coming from 

  2. Main Characteristic 

  3. Why we love it / Things to keep in mind when purchasing 

  4. The range of Products

  5. What is hair

  6. Hair colour

  7. Type of natural pigments in hairs

  8. What happens to our natural pigments during tinting, henna, or bleach

  9. What is hair level

  10. How to determine the hair level

  11. About chemistry of Bronsun

  12. Every ingredient explained 

  13. Type of pigments in the dye

  14. What is pH level and why do you need to know it

  15. Acidic and Alkaline substances and how they work

  16. What is tinting process

  17. Alkaline agents and what makes our dyes and tints penetrate the hairs

  18. Classification of tints / dyes

  19. Semi- permanent, demi-permanent, permanent 

  20. Bronsun Buffers

  21. What makes Bronsun lasts so long on the skin 

  22. Why Bronsun loves Oxygen

  23. Everything about Bronsun Milk-Cream Developer 

  24. Type of oxidants / %

  25. What happened to the Developer?

  26. Old / new formula - all myths revealed 

  27. Bronsun Remover and what you need to know about it 

  28. Colour Theory and why it is important to understand 

  29. Colour Wheel explained in graphs and simple words

  30. What is colour neutralisation 

  31. Cool and warm shades in tinting 

  32. How Brown colour is created 

  33. Different shades of Brown 

  34. Base colour of Bronsun Dyes

  35. Bronsun dyes on a hair level system 

  36. How colours can be different depending on the date of production 

  37. Why Bronsun Dyes turn out green

  38. How to avoid unwanted tinges 

  39. Colour correction 

  40. What is colour booster or colour modifier 

  41. How to create an ashy tone 

  42. Bronsun Colours explained 

  43. What shades to use depending on the type of the client

  44. Favourite and correct mixes for Blondes, Red-haired clients, Brown haired, Brunettes and more

  45. Application process from A to Z

  46. How to prepare the skin 

  47. How tints work on dry, normal and oily skin and what results to expect 

  48. Our favourite products to use to prepare the skin

  49. Scrubs, peels, shampoos - when and how to use 

  50. Bronsun Eyebrow Care range - new 2021 addition, every step explained 

  51. Favourite brushes and tools we use

  52. Bronsun + Brow Lamination and why the hairs turn out black 

  53. Bronsun + Lash Lift

  54. Bronsun Aftercare 


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