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Brow Xenna

BrowXenna Enzyme Brow Scrub

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Tint or henna looking patchy on eyebrows? It’s time to look at your pre-treatment!
Correctly prepared eyebrows before the treatment, are the key to long-lasting, beautiful dye both on hairs and skin.

Brow Xenna® Enzyme Brow Scrub is a gentle scrub that was created especially for eyebrows and soft skin of the eye area.

  • Provides gentle exfoliation of the skin

  • Prepares the eyebrow area for further treatments, like henna or tint

  • Leaves the skin clean and removes dead cells

  • Suitable for sensitive skin

  • By leaving the skin soft and nourished, it prevents the tint or henna from becoming patchy, as it allows better distribution of the pigment

  • Keratoline® enzymatic exfoliant included in the scrub, stimulates the process of skin cells renewal


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