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GHD Helios Wide Nozzle

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Blow dry longer, thicker hair types with precision and control - meet the GHD professional wide styling nozzle, suitable for use with the GHD Helios™ Hair Dryer.

Take your blow dry to the next level with this professional accessory and make every day a good hair day. This 88mm, wide styling nozzle concentrates the powerful airflow of the GHD Helios™ hair dryer, enabling you to style larger* sections of hair with smooth, shiny results.

Designed for speed drying thick hair types whilst maintaining precise styling control, you can style a covetable blow dry look, no matter your hair type or length.

Compatible with the GHD Helios™ hair dryer, this professional styling accessory is the perfect partner for styling long, thick hair types with speed and control.


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