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Hair Fitness Mens Carbon Pocket Comb Black

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The Denman D27 Pocket Comb uses two sets of teeth to create tension for precision styling while on-the-go.

The Denman D27 Pocket Comb is professionally graded for keeping hair fresh and polished throughout the day.

This travel comb uses dual-tension teeth to create the required grip needed for accurate, precise styling. Its pocket size makes it easy and convenient whilst on-the-go.

Its teeth are smooth and round-ended, making them gentle on the scalp and avoidant of irritation.

This durable pocket comb is heat, chemical and impact resistant, making it perfect for stylists and barbers. Achieve a refined and precise finish with the Denman D27 Pocket Comb in Black.


  • Dual-tension teeth create the grip needed for precision styling
  • Pocket-size for on-the-go convenience
  • Smooth, round-ended teeth are gentle on the scalp
  • Heat, chemical and impact resistant


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