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Brow Xenna

BrowXenna Oxygen O_ FixTone Fluid Tone Stabiliser

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The fluid-stabilizer tone is useful in the process of coloring, if you need to stop the appearance of the dye on the skin and hair or to stabilize the result. It contains such active ingredients as hydrolyzed silk, keratin and sophora-they effectively moisturize, soften and strengthen the hair.

OXYGEN O2 — a unique system of gentle and smart coloring of eyebrows and eyelashes. It is created with the help of special molecular technologies – the dye does not contain ammonia, and its composition includes nanomolecules of color and a special caring complex. It consists of oat proteins, silk, panthenol, vitamins and keratin, which take care of the hair during coloring, preserve their structure, and also allow you to extend the brightness and durability of the resulting shade.

Thanks to Nano Pigmentation Technology (NPT), nanomolecules of color easily penetrate the structure of each hair, minimally revealing its cuticle layer – the coloring is gentle, flawless and resistant.


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