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Hot Wax Coastal Banksia 1kg

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Vegan and Paraben free.
Soft but strong, great for sensitive skins.

Coastal Banksia has a creamy soft lime colour, it’s perfumed with a tropical coconut scent – the Island Paradise hot wax!

This Vegan wax is extremely gentle and remains very pliable during treatments, its delicate formula leaves skin so soft without causing irritation or redness. Full bodied luxury texture.

Use this wax in conjunction with the versatile Coastal Banksia oil for pre and post waxing to aid in the setting time and maximise your speed and efficiency. Along with the Cooktown Orchid hot wax this wax is very popular for facial waxing.

A vegan hot wax that has no parabens and is not tested on animals.

This is the 1kg product (picture shows 500g)


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