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Kadus Permanent Colour

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Kadus Permanent hair colour is advantageous to any hair type. Grey hair? No problem! This hair colour will cover 100% of it, making it look as fabulous as it was before your hair colour faded.

Thanks to its light, creamy texture with Vitaflection molecules, hair dye deeply penetrates into the hair and the result is a brilliant hair colour that’ll last for a long time, if it’s taken care of properly of course. The hair dye brightens the hair up to 4 levels for easier hair colouring. Make your hair colour come to life.

Application: Apply Kadus Permanent colour on dry, unwashed hair. Mix with a developer in a ratio 1:1 (60 ml of hair dye + 60ml developer) or 1:2 (60ml of hair dye + 120ml developer), depending on the colour you’ve chosen. Recommended exposure time is 30-40 minutes. Wash your hair with a Kadus shampoo and rinse with plenty of water.

Size: 60ml




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