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My Lamination Vitamin Lash Botox

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Vitamins ( A, B, C, E, F, K ), 2 Pro-Vitamin ( B5, B6 ) , 5 Oils Natural, Hydrolysed Keratin, Collagen, Acid Ialuronico, Glycerin. Indicated for My Lamination® treatment.

Vitamin LashBrow ( renamed due to Trademark regulations from Vitamin LashBotox) mask is  FREE OF: parabens, paraffin, mineral oils, silicones, artificial colours and formaldehyde.

Vitamin LashBrow Mask will improve the Lash and Brow structure, protect against environmental factors, extend the hair’s life cycle, and stimulate new hair growth.

It will repair any existing damage while thickening and lengthening existing lashes. It will protect, strengthen, moisturise and nourish the lash and brow hairs.

It can be used as a stand-alone treatment. It is part of My Lamination  Lash and Brow Lamination system. During lamination, it will not only repair any damage caused by the solutions and restore the health, shine and vitality of the hair but improve the overall condition of the lash and brow hair. Lashes will grow thicker, fuller and longer in between lifts.


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