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Nak Hair

Liquid Gloss Venus -7vv - 60ml

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No base-break colour - An exquisite colour gloss and toning system created by Nak Hair.

A liquid demi - Designed to transcend traditional colour products and innovated for gentle colouring and toning. Offers the colour deposit of a Demi, with the shine and conditioning performance of a Semi.

A new way to colour - Made for modern colour and toning techniques, with natural colour to consider. Ideal for creating a high-gloss finish on colour-treated or natural hair. Gently colour without the risk of damage.

Liquid colour technology - Features PPD free colour compounds and a gentle no Ammonia colour delivery system. Provides ultra-conditioning colour and toning replenishment, lasting 12 or more shampoos.

A tone for everyone - Features 28 illuminating vegan shades enriched with squalene; a superior skin protective, obtained from sugarcane.


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