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Parlux Finger Diffuser - Universal

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Enhance volume and define curls with Parlux Hair Dryer Universal Finger Diffuser.

Designed to fit Parlux 285, 3200, 3200 Plus, 3200 Compact, HP and 1800 hair dryers, this professional diffuser creates softer curls and waves with less frizz.

The fingers on the diffuser enhance fullness and define curls for beautifully voluminous results. Made in Italy with premium quality materials to ensure long life.


  • Designed to fit Parlux 3200, 3200 Plus, HP and 1800 Hair Dryers
  • Fingers enhance fullness and volume
  • Defines for softer curls and waves
  • Strong, durable material for long life
  • Reinforced glass cap with 9 vented prongs
  • Rubber hooking
  • Made in Italy


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