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Wax Heater Insert 1 L - 800ml Jar

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Designed to hold Revolutionary Microwavable 800g Hard & Strip Wax Jars.

Protective skirts for both hard and strip waxes mean that you should never have to clean the base unit again, as the different set up options catch drips - simply wipe them down after use. 

Half the size of its bigger brother, this heater is perfect for students, mobile therapists and hairdressers. The small size also makes it ideal for those who do a lot of brow and lip waxing.

Caronlab's Professional Wax Heater uses patented technology to provide your salon with a simple and convenient wax heating solution.

The non-stick metal insert insulates heat to prevent the unit from becoming hot. 

The thermostat dial, enables you to easily control the temperature of your wax as well as be confident that the heater will maintain your desired working temperature. 

This unit has a 12 month warranty.


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