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Rake Comb Black D22

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The Denman D22 Grooming Comb detangles, styles and distributes product evenly with durable, wide-spaced teeth.Professionally graded for damage-free detangling and even product distribution.

This rake comb has widely spaced teeth that are perfect for eradicating knots, as well as distributing styling products, shampoo and conditioner evenly throughout the hair. Its teeth are smooth and round-ended, making them gentle on the scalp and avoidant of irritation.

This durable grooming comb is heat, chemical and impact resistant, making it perfect for stylists and barbers. Achieve a refined and precise finish with the Denman D22 Grooming Comb in Black.


  • Rake comb with widely spaced teeth ideal for detangling, especially wet hair
  • Perfect for distributing styling products evenly throughout the hair
  • Smooth, round-ended teeth are gentle on the scalp
  • Heat, chemical and impact resistant


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