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Retro Cali Pre-Cut Foils - 500 Sheets

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If you're crazy about everything retro and want to capture the laidback vibes of California, then Foxy Blondes hottest NEW foil, 'Retro Cali' is made for you. For good times and good vibes, meet their coolest addition 'Retro Cali by @beachblondeboss, a chic new foil made for hairdressers who love everything about the beach, surfing, waves, palm trees and the chilled vibe of California coast.

This is a limited edition foil printed by famed hairdressing personality & CA Stylist Matt Taddeo Irvine, in collab with Foxy Blondes who has produced a foil inspired by everything he loves; good times, the chilled beachy vibes of the Cali coast and ol’ skool style.

Foxy Blondes have spent many months in production to bring you this limited Edition 'Retro Cali by @beachblondeboss' hairdressing foil in both the 27cm x 15cm x 500 sheets of Pop Up foils...AND these bbys are just so friggin cool! Grab what you can now as they will go FAST!

Retro Cali hairdressing foils offer a contrast of black and white that pops in the hair. Kick back in the salon,bring out The Mamas & the Papas, deck out your salon with palm trees, retro cushions and bean bags and treat your clients to a retro cali foiling experience unlike any other.

Designed by hairdressers, for hairdressers, these pre-cut foils make salon life a breeze.

Not only are these bad boys embossed for extra hold, but they're also 100% recyclable. What more could ya possibly want? 

The Nitty Gritty:

  • 27cm x 15cm x 500 pre cut foils - Standard Pop Top Hairdressing Foils
  • Pre cut foil, prepped and ready to go.. for fast easy foiling. No fuss needed!'
  • Pop Tops showcase our unique 'Pop n' Pull' packaging, ergonomically designed to pop through from the bottom and aerate the foils to spring up for easy access and faster foiling
  • Anti stick & non tear flexible texture; perfect to get in super close to scalp & fine foiling/ baby highlights.
  • Strong embossing underside for non-slip foiling and less bleed.


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