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Reuzel Pink Piglet Grease Heavy Hold 35g

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A strong hold, medium shine grease that glides through the hair while retaining moisture. Achieve excellent definition on thick, curly hair with Reuzel Pink Grease Pomade.

Reuzel Pink Grease Pomade offers a strong hold and medium shine with a unique, oil-based formula. This styling grease uses Beeswax to promote and encourage moisture retention, gliding through the hair seamlessly without clumping.

Pink Grease is ideal for use on thick, curly hair and is excellent for controlling cowlicks and growth patterns. This styling grease works perfectly when creating pompadours, quiffs and contours, and features a classic pomme fragrance with a hint of salsa.


  • Styling grease with strong hold and medium shine
  • Beeswax promotes and encourages moisture retention
  • Controls cowlicks and growth patterns
  • Ideal for pompadours and quiffs
  • Suitable for all hair types; works best on curly, thick, unruly hair


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