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Wellaplex No 1 Bond Maker 500ml

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The No1 Bond Maker helps reduce hair damage and creates bonds within the hair while lightening or colouring.  Mix it with hair lightener or colour and enable an optimal lift and penetration of the dye molecules.

One bottle, using Wella's mixing ratio, covers:

  • 83 full head or foil highlights (using 6ml per 30g of lightening powder)
  • or 166 painting / freehand techniques (using 3ml per 30g of lightening powder)
  • or 250 colourings with Wella Professionals oxidative colour products (using 2ml per 30g of colour cream)


  • With opti pH system
  • No need to change peroxide or development time
  • Use with all lightening services
  • Use when colouring damaged or sensitised hair
  • Perfect colour and lift development
  • Use in-salon only


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